Today’s banner: the by-blow of a vacuum vise and a hobby vise, and a squiggly magnetic dial indicator stand, and a dinner plate. And an iPhone.

We made a photo studio!

Read on for component descriptions. First we have the hobbyists’ beloved PanaVise:

A nicely-engineered unbranded dial indicator stand from China — with a really cool mechanical on-off switch for the magnetic base:

A Bessey vacuum vise, which is to say that you can make it stick to things:

And a shiny, unbranded dinner plate. Also from China. We’re not sure why exactly so many Chinese products are unbranded, but we’re pretty happy with the quality.

Below, our new construct is in use to photograph — well, it’s another of our constructs.


Closer still, and it’s clear that we’re still learning about white balance and exposure.

In a subsequent post we’ll showcase the rest of our photo studio, which is also absurdly off-the-cuff, but nicely functional.

Best wishes — stochastic