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Today’s header: an internal dispute in the Wizards’ Keep. Which we made. With paper and glue. (We’re nerds.)

We wanted to give you a complete tour of the keep, and the lake, and the nearby woods, and the surrounding countryside, and — okay, we have more papercraft terrain than can reasonably fit into a single blog post. It’s all the same terrain, part of the same landscape — it’s just really big. Here are two of the five floors of the keep:

The front gate, manned by armed guards:

The entrance to the stables, made of masonry to protect the livestock and the things that we don’t eat but we keep for riding. (Words are hard.) (We’re sure there’s a term for horseys and donkeys and suchlike, but we’re not sure what it is.)

The hayloft is so-situated as to permit dropping bales at the stable’s entrance for easy distribution among the stalls. The page is about to be in trouble for goofing-off.

The keep’s military resources protect a nearby village, and in turn the keep is supported and staffed by the villagers. Here’s one of their cottages:

We’d like to say that a nearby river affords access for commerce, but actually we just wanted a lakeside view. The lake is fed by springs, and in turn drains via an underground river.

As often happens around here, a cat dropped by during photography. Or perhaps it was a catmonster! rampaging through the countryside!

Oh no! The catmonster has invaded the keep, penetrating the defenses as though they were… heh, paper.

Oddly, the catmonster was very careful to not sit on anyone, nor to destroy the walls. Upon reflection, we believe he simply wanted to know whether he would fit in the atrium.

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P.S.: Most of the designs come from Fat Dragon.


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