Today’s banner: our improvised photo studio, comprising a dinner table, a curtain rod, a desk lamp and two squiggly-headed floor lamps, two rolls of paper, and several tiny figurines cavorting on the equipment. No, no, please try to contain your envy, not everyone can have a setup this snazzy:

The figurines are fun but otherwise serve absolutely no purpose whatsoever, except maybe a kind of conspicuous consumption: “… our photo studio has a troupe of tiny acrobats that perform on the lighting equipment. They’re just for atmosphere. They help keep the mood light.”

Although the studio is improvised, it works so well that we’re keeping it.

Have a good night — stochastic.

2 thoughts on “studioish

  1. Um.
    It didn’t look that before you mentioned it, but now that you’ve corrupted our viewpoint, we must agree.
    Which has given us an idea… :)

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