Today’s banner: a centrifuge, about ten times as tall as the guy standing beside it. (But he’s only three inches high.)

And below is a bucket, with an attractively decorated lid (or at least it looks like a bucket):

It contains a thing. The thing looks electric:

Indeed, the thing has an electrical cord, dials, and what appears to be another thing that perhaps spins:

The bucket fits nicely on top of the electrical thing. It’s a tiny electric washing machine! Its name is “Wonder Washer“, an apparently unbranded Chinese product (not to be confused with “Wonder Wash“, which is a totally different product powered by the human arm).

We like the Wonder Washer because it’s so compact when stored, and it’s highly-portable. It works very well for small items (socks, underwear, washcloths, dishtowels, rags, …). It also works fairly well for T-shirts. It’s pretty much useless for anything more bulky, like sweaters, jeans, towels, or sheets. If you try to use this little washer to wash any of these big items, the little washer makes very sad groaning noises. Also, it’s kind of loud. Not terribly so, but loud enough that you can hear when it finishes washing, even if you’re in the next room. A full load of laundry is 8-10 liters:

A similarly-sized laundry centrifuge, shown below, works well with the tiny washing machine. This spin dryer is made by another company entirely — The Laundry Alternative, Inc (who also make the afore-mentioned human-arm-powered Wonder Wash, which is distinct from the Wonder Washer, whose name-similarity is confusing). This spin dryer is very quiet, and it works extremely well. You’ll still need to line-dry or tumble-dry your clothes after spinning in this device. But we’ve found that if you spin your clean wet clothing in this little centrifuge, and then finish drying on a clothesline or in the tumble dryer, they dry faster than after spin-drying in a standard washing machine.

We’ve photographed a little guy standing next to the spin dryer, in order to give you sense of scale. (But actually he’s only there for the fun of it. The spin dryer is not, in fact, sixty feet tall.):

Best wishes,