Today’s banner: a disintegrated Bowden cable, an erstwhile component of the tensioning mechanism in our beloved squiggly-magnetic-dial-indicator stand thingy:

The squiggly-magnetic-dial-indicator stand was, in turn, part of our notatripod, formerly an integral chunk of our makeshift photo studio. This is what the indicator stand looks like now:

On one hand, we are no longer impressed by the design and construction of this device. On the other hand, it is highly likely that we have unknowingly abused the poor thing, and we mourn the loss of our notatripod — it was so very useful. On the third hand, we’re pretty sure we can fix it; but on the fourth hand, we wonder whether it will simply break again.

We seem to have run out of hands while we weren’t looking. (sigh)

Sleep well tonight — stochastic