3dp parts

Today’s banner: piles of nuts and bolts, and yes, we realize that this description, while accurate, is less than helpful. Read on for an explanation.

When we show people photographs or constructs from hackamajig, a common response is “I have no idea what I’m looking at. What the heck is this?” Which is sort of the point. In our stories and photos we try to bring you unexpected juxtapositions of disparate ideas, realized in ways that delight. These may take tangible shape as artwork, machines, mechanisms, metalworking, papercraft, and so on, or they may be stories, or ideas. But everything we bring to you shares this character: somebody made it, and we thought it was nifty or clever.

Another common reaction is “Ooh, shiny!” Which is also sort of the point.

Anyway, to explain what the heck you’re looking at: we were once the proud owners of a homemade 3-d printer, à la reprap.org and makerbot.com. It was a rather complex device. Somebody once commented “It would be fun if you were to completely dismantle it, and make little piles out of the components, and take pictures.” So we did. It was fun:

Don’t worry, we’ve making a new one. We plan to tell you more about it in the near future.

Here are some links to follow if you’d like to learn more about homemade 3-d printers. Analogous to a printer that makes two-dimensional images, designs, or words on paper, a three-dimensional printer makes three-dimensional objects, such as small sculptures or mechanisms:


Best wishes — stochastic